D.L.S. offers comprehensive shielding effectiveness testing for a variety of materials, composites, vents, gaskets, enclosures, laminates, board level shielding devices, cables, and other shielding dependent components. Using state of the art testing equipment and technical expertise of over 20 years performing shielding testing, D.L.S. can offer fast turnaround and detailed technical reports to a number of standards. D.L.S. can test to 40 GHz, 120dB dynamic range samples up to 40″ by 40″.

Standards Tested To Products Tested
IEEE 299 Gaskets
MIL-DTL-83528 Composite Materials
MIL-G-83528 Conductive Coatings/Paints
MIL-STD-285 Electro-Plated Plastics
MIL-STD-907B Conductive Plastics
MIL-STD-1377 Conductive Treated Plastics
ASTM-D-4935 Conductive Treated Materials
ECA EIA-364-66A TP 66A Foils
NSA 65-6 Enclosures
SCTE 48-1-2006 Surface Mount Shields
  Vent Panels
  Shielded Windows/Lenses
  Artificial Products