D.L.S. performs compliance testing and formal certification services for devices and equipment that have been enabled with wireless technology using the Internet of Things platform. Commercial and industrial equipment, appliances, multimedia devices, consumer goods, medical and laboratory equipment are some of the markets that D.L.S. supports for formal compliance for the U.S., Canada, the European Union and the Radio Equipment Directive.

Regulatory requirements not only include wireless testing and certifications, but manufacturers must meet EMC Requirements as well as Product Safety requirements while in wireless communication modes, including co-exisitance and performance monitoring. The IoT compliance emissions testing requirements are in addition to, and usually require testing at higher frequencies than, equipment testing that has been approved without IoT technology for FCC, IC, and the EU IEC/EN standards.

Common Standards used for regulatory compliance include:

United States

FCC Part 15.209

FCC Part 15.225

FCC Part 15.247

FCC Part 15.249




 European Union and United Kingdom

EN 300 328

EN 300 330

EN 300 440

EN 301 489-3

EN 301 489-17

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To determine the specific regulatory requirements for equipment that uses an IoT platform, please contact the D.L.S. technical staff for a detailed review of your product.