International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics

For information on how to become certified through the iNARTE organization, click the image above.

iNARTE Question of the Week

iNARTE is an organization that we at D.L.S. are very familiar with. Not only do we have the largest staff of iNARTE-certified engineers at any testing facility, we have also been granted the prestigious status of iNARTE-Certified Organization.

If you’re interested in becoming iNARTE certified, you can come back to this page each week to test yourself with some sample test questions from previous years. We hope this will help you better prepare for the test.

New questions coming soon!

Thank you to the following contributors of the iNARTE Question of the Week:

Woodrow W. Everett, III
James J. Whalen
Woodrow W. Everett, Jr.
Richard T. Ford
Larry Cohen
Naval Research Laboratory
Mike Howard
Douglas Hughes and IITRI
Vichate Ungvichian
Art Light
NESEC – Charleston, S.C.
Russell Carstensen
Jose Perini
Lester Polisky and COMSEARCH
John B. Holmberg and iNARTE
Don Weiner
James Foose
Bob Marcus
Study Guide for Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineers (SCEEE Press)