EN IEC 60204 applies to electrical, electronic and programmable electronic equipment and systems to machines not portable by hand while working, including a group of machines working together in a co-ordinated manner. This standard can be used to show compliance for CE Marking to the EU Machinery Regulation EU 2023/1230.

The equipment covered by this part of IEC 60204 commences at the point of connection of the supply to the electrical equipment of the machine.

EN IEC 60204 is applicable to the electrical equipment or parts of the electrical equipment that operate with nominal supply voltages not exceeding 1000 V for alternating current (AC) and not exceeding 1500 V for direct current (DC) and with nominal supply frequencies not exceeding 200 Hz.

This part of EN IEC 60204 does not cover all the requirements (for example guarding, interlocking, or control) that are needed or required by other standards or regulations in order to protect persons from hazards other than electrical hazards. Each type of machine has unique requirements to be accommodated to provide adequate safety.

  • Electrical Supply Requirements
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements
  • Over current and over voltage protection requirements
  • Requirements for determination of the short circuit current rating of the electrical equipment
  • Protective bonding requirements, terminology, and protection against electric shock
  • Incoming supply requirements and switching
  • Requirements pertaining to safe torque off, emergency stop, and control circuit protection
  • Symbols for actuators of control devices

EN IEC 60204-1 is used along with specific standards that are considered applicable to components or features of machinery. The collateral standards confirm the safe intended use of the machinery based on the risk assessment of the manufacturer.

EN 1127-2:2014
Explosive atmospheres — Explosion prevention and protection — Part 2: Basic concepts and methodology for mining

EN ISO 13850:2015
Safety of machinery — Emergency stop function — Principles for design (ISO 13850:2015)

EN ISO 14120:2015
Safety of machinery — Guards — General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards (ISO 14120:2015)

EN ISO 14123-1:2015
Safety of machinery — Reduction of risks to health resulting from hazardous substances emitted by machinery — Part 1: Principles and specifications for machinery manufacturers (ISO 14123-1:2015)

EN ISO 14123-2:2015
Safety of machinery — Reduction of risks to health resulting from hazardous substances emitted by machinery — Part 2: Methodology leading to verification procedures (ISO 14123- 2:2015)

EN 1539:2015
Dryers and ovens, in which flammable substances are released — Safety requirements

EN 1570-1:2011+A1:2014
Safety requirements for lifting tables — Part 1: Lifting tables serving up to two fixed landings

EN 1808:2015
Safety requirements for suspended access equipment — Design calculations, stability criteria, construction — Examinations and tests

EN 1870-17:2012+A1:2015
Safety of woodworking machines — Circular sawing machines — Part 17: Manual horizontal cutting cross-cut sawing machines with one saw unit (radial arm saws)

EN ISO 3266:2010/A1:2015

EN ISO 3691-6:2015
Industrial trucks — Safety requirements and verification — Part 6: Burden and personnel carriers (ISO 3691-6:2013)

EN ISO 4254-1:2015
Agricultural machinery — Safety — Part 1: General requirements (ISO 4254-1:2013)

EN 12779:2015
Safety of woodworking machines — Chip and dust extraction systems with fixed installation — Safety requirements

EN 13020:2015
Road surface treatment machines — Safety requirements

EN 13218:2002+A1:2008/AC:2010

EN 14973:2015
Conveyor belts for use in underground installations — Electrical and flammability safety requirements

EN ISO 16089:2015
Machine tools — Safety — Stationary grinding machines (ISO 16089:2015)

EN 62841-2-14:2015
Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery — Safety — Part 2-14: Particular requirements for hand-held planers
IEC 62841-2-14:2015 (Modified)

EN 62841-3-9:2015
Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, trans- portable tools and lawn and garden machinery — Safety — Part 3-9: Particular requirements for transportable miter saws
IEC 62841-3-9:2014 (Modified)

EN 62841-3-10:2015
Electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools and lawn and garden machinery — Safety — Part 3-10: Particular requirements for transportable cut-off machines

Examples of machinery applicable under IEC 60204

The following list shows examples of machines whose electrical equipment should conform to EN IEC 60204. The list is not intended to be exhaustive but is consistent with the definition of machinery. EN IEC 60204 need not be applied to machines that are household and similar domestic appliances within the scope of the EN IEC 60335 series of standards.

  • Metalworking machinery: Metal cutting machines, Metal forming machines
  • Food machinery: Dough breaks,  mixing machines, Pie and tart machines, Meat processing machines
  • Plastics and rubber machinery: Injection molding machines, Extrusion machines, Blow molding machines, Thermoset molding machines, Size reduction machines
  • Printing, paper and board machinery:  Printing machines, Finishing machines, guillotines
  •  Folders:  reeling and slitting machines, Folder box gluing machines, Paper and board making machines
  • Wood machinery:  Woodworking machines, laminating machines, sawmill machines
  • Inspecting/testing machinery:  Co-ordinated measuring machines, In-process gauging machines
  • Assembly machines Compressors
  •  Material handling machines: Robots, Conveyors, transfer machines, Storage and retrieval machines
  • Packaging machinery: Palletizers/depalletizers, Wrapping and shrink-wrapping machines
  • Textile machines Laundry machines
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning
  • Heating and ventilating machines
  • Leather/imitation leather goods and Footwear machinery: cutting and punching machines, Roughing, scouring, buffing machines
  • Trimming and brushing machines: Footwear molding machines, Lasting machines
  • Construction and building materials machinery: Tunneling machines, Concrete batching machines, Brick-making machines, Stone, ceramic and glass-making machines
  • Hoisting machinery: Cranes, Hoists
  • Transportable machinery: Wood working machines, Metal working machines,
  • Machinery for transportation of persons: Escalators, Ropeways for transportation of persons, for example chairlifts, ski lifts, Passenger lifts
  • Mobile machinery: Lifting platforms, Fork lift trucks, Construction machines
  •  Power-operated doors Machines for hot metal processing
  • Leisure machinery: Fairground rides
  •  Tanning machinery: Multi-roller machines, Band knife machines, Hydraulic tanning machines
  •  Pumps Mining and quarrying machines
  • Agriculture and forestry machines