EN IEC 55032 is a specific EMC product standard covering EMC compliance testing of Multimedia Equipment (MME) and replaces several other product standards which will soon cease to give presumption of conformity. This new standard will become effective as a harmonized emission standard that will allow manufactures to use as part of their compliance program for the EU EMC Directive 2014/30/EU.

EN IEC 5032 replaces several currently accepted EU/CE product standards. The three product standards being phased out and replaced are EN IEC 55022, EN IEC 55013, and EN IEC 55103-1, which have been withdrawn. Manufacturers can no longer use these standards for their Declaration of Conformity. Any products placed onto the EU market today must meet the requirements of EN IEC 55032.

EN IEC 55032 applies to mul­ti­me­dia equip­ment (MME) hav­ing a rated r.m.s. AC or DC sup­ply volt­age not exceed­ing 600 V.

Common Products Applicable under the EN IEC 55032 Emission Standards for MME Mul­ti­me­dia equip­ment:

  • Infor­ma­tion Tech­nol­ogy Equipment
  • Audio/Video equip­ment
  • Broad­cast Receiver Equip­ment
  • Entertainment Lighting Control

For more information regarding the transition to the new EN IEC 55032 standards for your products, please contact the D.L.S. staff today.