IEC 61000-4-34 defines the immunity test methods and range of preferred test levels for electrical and electronic equipment connected to low-voltage power supply networks for voltage dips, short interruptions, and voltage variations. This standard applies to electrical and electronic equipment having a rated input current exceeding 16 A per phase.

 It covers equipment installed in residential areas as well as industrial machinery, specifically voltage dips and short interruptions for equipment connected to either 50 Hz or 60 Hz AC networks and includes both 1-phase and 3-phase mains.

There is no upper limit on rated input current referenced in this standard; however, in some countries, the rated input current may be limited to some upper value, for example 75 A or 250 A, because of mandatory safety standards. It does not apply to electrical and electronic equipment for connection to 400 Hz AC networks at this time.  This standard is specific to equipment with a rated input current of  more than 16 A per phase, as equipment with a rated input voltage 16 A or less is covered under IEC 61000-4-11.

This standard is often used with the EMC immunity requirements found in standards such as EN IEC CISPR 14-2 for household and similar appliances, including restaurant equipment, and the EMC requirements found in the Product Safety standard EN IEC 60335-1, specific to immunity on equipment that has electronically controlled steady by modes, or safety features that are controlled electronically .

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