EN IEC 60950 is the Product Safety testing standard for “Information Technology Equipment” (known as ITE). It is in the process of being replaced by EN IEC 62368:2014 which was recently published in the European Union Official Journal as an approved standard to show compliance under the Low Voltage Directive. If you need EN IEC 60950 Low Voltage Directive testing D.L.S. can perform it for you. Just request a quote and you’ll be on your way.

Low Voltage Directive (LVD) is composed of EN60950-1 and IEC60950-1

Safety Standard EN IEC 60950-1 applies to mains and battery powered information technology equipment, including electrical business machines such as computers and office copiers, along with devices for use with telecommunication networks and cable distribution systems. This standard also applies to components and subassemblies intended for incorporation into information technology equipment. Applicable components and subassemblies do not have to comply with every aspect of the standard, provided that the final product which incorporates these components and subassemblies does. Requirements within this standard address normal equipment operating conditions, likely and consequential faults, foreseeable misuse and external influences such as temperature, altitude, pollution, moisture and over voltages. In general, these requirements are intended to minimize the risk of fire, electric shock and injury for the operator, layman, service person and anyone else that may come into contact with the equipment during installation, operation and maintenance.

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