Many standards for testing wireless devices operating on frequencies below 30MHz require testing at test distances up to 30 Meters for the measurements to be made in the far-field. Examples of these technologies might be intentional radiators such as Induction Cooking products, or wireless communications devise such as RFID transmitters. While some standards allow making measurements at less than the specified test distance, it often comes with a penalty.

Radiated emissions most often will fall off with distance at a rate greater than the distance conversion allowed in the standard, which often results in failure to meet the test requirements. In other words, testing at a distance closer than specified in the standard could cause you to fail your emissions testing, while testing at the specified distance could prove that your product meets the test requirements.

D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc. is one of the few labs in the world that maintains test sites capable of making measurements at distances greater than 10 meters, and up to 30 meters.

Let us help you save time and frustration by testing your product at a far-field test distance that does not jeopardize your product compliance.

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