D.L.S. Electronic Systems, a NVLAP accredited testing organization through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is one of the few testing facilities that offers 10-meter emissions testing on multiple test sites. The D.L.S. Genoa City, WI North Campus has two fully accredited OATS sites listed on the FCC web site, approved for ISED-Canada, and in compliance with the EU CE Marking requirements found in the EMC Directive 2014/30/EU. These two test sites regularly perform emissions testing at a 10-meter distance, with large turntable capabilities up to 23 feet in diameter, and over 10,000 pounds in weight capacity.

Emissions testing for large equipment in many cases is required to be tested for emissions at a 10-meter distance.  Many standards require 10-meter test distance regardless of size of the equipment under test. D.L.S. can perform measurements up to 40 GHz which covers most commercial products, including Multimedial/ITE, Medical, Industrial/Machinery, Laboratory, Household Appliance and similar devices such as Restaurant Equipment. Also included are platforms that utilize the Internet of Things, (IoT), along with Lighting and Luminaires, and Automotive/Construction/Agricultural Equipment.

When considering your compliance testing requirements, you can contact the technical staff at DLS to determine the best way to establish your compliance path with respect to testing processes and procedures.